What is the Historical Relationship Between Philosophy and Psychology?
Throughout history, philosophers and psychologists have been fascinated by the human mind. John Locke, for instance, was inspired by turbulent times to write an essay about the nature
What is the Relationship Between Cognition and Psychopathology?
Bidirectional relation between cognition and psychopathology Understanding the bidirectional relation between cognition and psychopathology is essential for basic science and clinical applications. Understanding these relationships will help us
Relationship Psychology – What Is a Chill Period in a Relationship?
Relationship experts warn that a “chill period” in a relationship is not necessarily a good idea. It’s best to spice things up by trying something new together. This
Relationship Between Developmental Psychology and Lifespan Development
Sigmund Freud’s studies of lifespan development helped shape the theories of psychosexual development in children. Freud also studied an individual named Little Hans, who became a model for
What is Reverse Psychology in a Relationship?
Reverse psychology is a form of manipulation in which someone manipulates another person. The person who uses this technique often questions their motives or does not trust the
What Does Avoidant Attachment Relationship Mean in Psychology?
Avoidant attachment is a relationship characterized by fear of strong emotions and out-of-control behavior. The key to managing this type of relationship is open communication. Both people in
What is a Way to Understand Women’s Relationship Psychology to Each Other?
There are many different ways to understand women’s relationship psychology and how they make choices. Understanding women’s emotional needs and body language is one way to learn about
Relationship Competency in Psychology
The professional relationship between a psychologist and their patients is one of the most important aspects of a clinical psychologist’s work. In addition to being a clinician, a
The Psychology of Freedom and Healthy Relationship
Freedom The Psychology of Freedom and Healthy Relationship reveals a paradigm shift in modern romantic relationships. It explains how to transcend the relational style binary and introduces the
Evidence of Functional Relationship in Psychology
Family systems theory Family systems theory, or FST, focuses on the complex relationship between family members. It is a systems approach to understanding human behavior and how to