What Word Best Characterizes a Long History of Unhappiness?

What Word Best Characterizes a Long History of Unhappiness?

If you have a long history of unhappiness, the word that would best describe your relationship is “strained.” This word could be used for any long-lasting relationship that is plagued with problems. Infidelity, financial woes, or ideologic differences could all cause the relationship to be unhealthy and strained.


Estrangement between parents and adult children is an increasingly common phenomenon, which is caused by a combination of psychological and cultural factors. It raises questions about the impact on individuals and society. The question is what is the best way to deal with the situation?

Several ways to resolve estrangement exist. In some cases, the relationship has ended legally; the two parties involved may have obtained restraining orders or even social services and solicitors. Alternatively, some siblings disposed of family photos and other mementos, while others have found new ways to stay in touch, such as through the internet. Some respondents continued to maintain semi-contact with their estranged sibling; one described it as receiving or sending a greeting card once or twice a year. Others attended events where their estranged sibling might attend.

In many cases, estrangement between siblings is due to an unhealthy and/or conflictual relationship. However, a small minority of respondents said that they had never had a close relationship with their siblings and always felt distant from them. For this reason, we should redefine what is meant by estrangement in future research on the subject.

In addition to these reasons, some studies have found that value conflicts are a big contributor to estrangement. For instance, the Coleman study found that women who were estranged from their parents often had values conflicts with their partners. Another study by Pillemer found that values-based disagreements were a major factor in estrangement. This study also found value differences related to sexual preference and alternative lifestyles.

While estrangement may occur for a variety of reasons, the most common reason is that the relationship has become dysfunctional. It often occurs because of ongoing issues, although there are some instances where estrangement can occur suddenly, such as a divorce or rejection of a child by their parents.


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